malware on my computer

Diplomatic Passport

Windows passport utility looks like a genuine antivirus and anti-malware utility with everything you need to optimize and protect your computer.

The control panel implies many manufacturers support it and with this installed on your computer you would think it is well protected. The truth is if you have this on your computer you will find that it is compromised and that you need to get off the windows passport utility virus quickly. It is only a passport to trouble for your PC. malware on my computer

How did I get this malware on my computer?

Many people do not even think to ask this because as soon as it installs it generates all sorts of warnings and errors to panic people into paying for this malware without thinking where it came from.

This malware is part of the fake Microsoft security essentials malware, only with a different interface and name to try to trick people. This gets onto your computer using the following methods.

#1 Installs once you visit a compromised or malicious website. In many cases, you do not even need to click on anything. A script will run in the background and install it on your PC.

#2 You get what looks like a genuine antivirus warning from your computer via a pop up telling you that you need to scan your PC right away. Once you click on this though this malware will install and you need to get rid of the windows, passport utility to stop it before it causes real problems.

How do I get rid of this malware?

There are two methods to remove this. Manually know what files to delete or automatically if the manual removal method fails.

Manual removal method.

Since this malware uses randomly generated file names to install it is hard to stop it running. You need to follow these steps.

#1 Start task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting task manager. Once the task manager starts to go to the processes tab and look for what is a randomly generated name like or a similar name that is random and stop it by clicking on the end process. If task manager refuses to start or you are unable to stop the process, this is because this malware is preventing it and you need to go to step 4 below to stop this.

#2 Once you have stopped this from running you need to search for folders and files with the same name as the process in step one. If the file is called, you would search for files and folders called and delete them.

#3 Start the windows registry editor by going to the windows start menu and then run and type in regit and press the OK button.

Once the registry editor opens, you need to find and delete the following key to getting rid of the windows passport utility virus.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce “generated numbers”

You will need to open each folder in turn until you finally reach the folder called RunOnce. In the right pane, you see an entry full of randomly generated numbers. Right click on this and delete it.

Once you have done this restart your computer. If you do not see any more warning messages, you have got rid of the malware. If you still see warning messages you need to go to the next step.

#4 Start your computer and press the F8 key before you look at the windows startup screen appear. You may need to do this several times. When you see a list of options on your display select safe mode with networking and press return.

#2 Once in safe mode open internet explorer or the browser you use and download a system scanner. Perform a full scan of your computer. Once you have done this, it will find and stop any malicious software. This will help you to get rid of the windows passport utility virus for good.