There are numerous reasons – too many to mention in one sitting – that require us to travel at a moment’s notice. For whatever the reason, it would be especially difficult to travel out of the country within a month’s time frame if you have an expired passport or do not have one at all. Although this seems to be a cause to panic for many, there are now ways to get an expedited US passport within a month’s time – in fact, there are services available that can get the job done for you within the same day – most of which are online – which can help save you money, time, and hassles when trying to get a US passport fast.

You could try going to an acceptance office first, and try going that route. This will insure that you get your passport in approximately two weeks after you follow the necessary procedures and pay the required fees. With an acceptance office, it is necessary to make an appointment. When arriving there and it is your turn, it will be necessary for you to gather all of your documentation that is necessary, as well as enough money to cover the expedition fees. The requirements of getting this done are the same as getting a regularly issued passport:

  • a birth certificate or naturalization forms,
  • a driver’s license or state ID
  • information regarding your destination

Fees will vary depending on how soon you will need your passport, so be sure to ask for the total cost before you go there.

Secondly, you can go through a do-it-yourself US passport expediting service. This method is only practical if your trip is no less than 2 weeks from the date you begin. Your local passport office can give you the information as to where you can get the address of a do-it-yourself service. The address to send your paperwork will be given to you, and this will be the same place where you make payment. The only way to take care of this in the fastest way possible via snail mail is by sending your packet as “two-way” overnight(paying postage both to and from destination). This method, again, takes about 2 weeks to process, and it is necessary for you to handle the tracking of the progress of your order. This method IS NOT necessarily guaranteed by the federal government, so you ARE NOT certifiably guaranteed to receive your passport in the allotted and requested time.

Your best option in this advanced and contantly improving technology age is by going through an online expediting service. All the paperwork that is necessary will be able to be completed online; all you need to do is upload scans of the passport photos(which you can get for $5 at most drug stores), drivers license or other ID, birth certificate, and anything else they may require of you. This is your best option for many ways:

  • These third-party websites are authorized and certified by the US government to guarantee delivery on your requested date.
  • You save money on overnight postage, at least going one way, as everything is done via secure email, saving you up to $50
  • No runarounds, no traffic, no long lines, no waiting, no “mess-ups”
  • Everything can be done easily from the comfort of your own home or even your office

Naturally, in expediting your passport, you will need to pay extra fees for this type of service, however in most cases, the fees are much lower than you may think – even lower than going through the passport office or post office itself. When you are pressed for time, there is literally no other option left but to go this route, and rest assured that you will be able to leave when you need to.

Check out some online services today, if you need help with expedited or regular passport services, and enjoy your trip.

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