A passport is a federal document.

A passport is a federal document.

It is used as identification for any individual traveling in or out of a country. This is why the document must be free from any damage such as tearing, watermarks, or discoloration. If immigration of customs official cannot about us view your document in its intended capacity, then it could lead to significant problems. This is why it is necessary to replace a damaged passport.

fake passports

fake passports


Passports are very important federal documents. It is important that they are protected properly to maintain their integrity as well as keep them from theft. Many people keep passports with other important documents such as birth certificates and bonds; some even put them in safe deposit boxes until their needed.


Passports are used to grant admittance into foreign countries as well as re-admittance into the country of origin. If a passport is lost, stolen, or even damaged this can make traveling very difficult. When entering a foreign country, your passport is scrutinized and scanned. If there is any damage to the passport, this cannot be done and may inhibit entry into or out of a country.

Fake Passports

Like there are fake IDs to allow those under 21 into bars, there are also fake passports. Because passports allow someone the ability to enter or leave a country, they’re often stolen or forged. Officials are trained to find forgeries, which may include looking for small inconsistencies within the passport. These may consist of discolorations, id cards tears, mislabelling. These are all issues that can arise if a passport is damaged as well. Attempting to offer a damaged passport is risky, and may be more trouble than getting a replacement.

Play It Safe

It is better to play it safe and get a replacement passport rather than risk traveling on a damaged one. Some countries may allow admittance with a damaged passport, but others may not. You may end up stuck in a foreign country until proper documents arrive. Why not save yourself the hassle and get a replacement.

Damage Abroad

If a passport is damaged while traveling it is important to get it taken care of right away. Say, visa your passport falls into the water on a gondola ride in Italy, or some homemade Greek wine is spilled on it Athens, then your passport is damaged when damage or loss occurs reports it as soon as possible and goes through the necessary procedures faq to obtain a new one. This way your travel will not be inhibited, and you will not be caught with damaged improper documents.